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Intricate and powerful design. The more you look, the more you will uncover. Full of sacred geometry and hidden meaning. Spirited and strong, with a sensitive soul. 

This is a mat that took hours of work in concept and design. Due to the level of detail, it takes about an hour to produce each yoga mat. 


About the Materials 

Each mat is designed with an eco-friendly blend of cork and natural rubber.

Cork is a naturally grippy material. You’ll find the more you sweat, the more grip you have. Perfect for hot yoga. Cork is also antimicrobial, making it easier to keep clean. Natural rubber base provides your yoga mat with just the right amount of cushion and prevents your mat from slipping or moving during your practice. *As cork is a natural material there may be some variation in the colour of each mat.*

♥ No PVC or latex 

♥ 100% natural material

♥ Eco friendly blend of natural rubber and cork

About the Design

Each mat was designed with your yoga practice in mind. Geometric patterns and symmetrical designs help you find your space on the mat. We wanted each mat to be something beautiful to look at, but at the same time not distracting you from your yoga practice.

Designed in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Each mat has original artwork from Chris Kamhoms. Chris is an artist, designer and owner of Chiang Mai Skin Art. 

We are a two person team doing our best to create beautiful mats that not only serve you and your practice, but also serve our planet and our community. We thank you for your interest in Studio Layla ♥

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