Studio Layla

Studio Layla is a family business. We are a husband and wife team - Roz (yoga teacher) + Chris (artist). Our journey with Studio Layla began in 2019 when we started to design our first collection of eco-friendly cork yoga mats. In 2022, we opened the doors to our new store in Chiang Mai, Thailand - it's a culmination of our passions - a tattoo and yoga studio!

  • Husband + Wife Team


  • Our flagship store in Chiang Mai


  • Studio Layla Yoga

    Our first yoga studio. Located in the heart of Chiang Mai Old City. We're lucky to be located across from Lanna Architecture Centre, a beautiful historic building and green space. The view from our window includes many mature trees and the tips of temples in the distance. Our concept in design was to bring the outdoors in, decorating with plants to create a peaceful space where everyone can find a moment of calm.

  • Yoga Teachers + Classes

    In the early days, Roz was teaching all of the yoga classes while Chris manned the front desk welcoming students. As demand for classes quickly grew, so did our team. We now have a diverse team of teachers and a variety of classes from gentle restorative classes to more dynamic vinyasa flow classes. We welcome everybody at our studio - beginners and more experienced practitioners alike - creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone belongs.

  • Layla Yoga Garden

    Our new space - coming soon! Located on a quiet laneway in Mae Hia just 15 minutes from Chiang Mai Old City. Once an artist's workshop, this special building and it's surrounding garden will shortly be open for classes, workshops, and short courses - including teacher training programs!

You're also a Tattoo Studio? Yes! Well, sort of :)

We share our space with a tattoo studio, but it goes by the name Chiangmai Skinart Tattoo Studio.

Chiangmai Skinart was Chris' existing business long before Studio Layla. He first opened his studio about 15 years ago. After being forced to close his existing location during covid, Chris was delighted to be able to open our two businesses side by side.

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The story behind our yoga mats...

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